The Media Created My President


If everyone wants someone to blame for the outcome of this presidential race, good or bad, look no further than the media. First off, the media gave rise to the black lives matters movement by reporting on nothing but the shootings of mostly unarmed, and sometimes armed, black men by police for months on end. Now before you go and label me a racist, let me explain.

The shooting of any unarmed civilian, except in situations that warrant it, is at the very least manslaughter and should not go unpunished. That being said, unarmed people are shot by the police everyday and if you look at statistics its a pretty even number when spread out between black and white except when looking at a large metropolitan area. Yes I saw the study that police are more likely to resort to shooting at black men but this is because of the stereotype that the media, movies, music videos and other outlets portray them as. The hard thug with a 9mm strapped in his pants. We all know this is not the case for the majority just like any stereotype, but it has an affect on those who see this on television over and over again.

Those officers who patrol inner city streets, where the majority of violent offenders are unfortunately black, are under constant stress and don’t have a lot of training to dissuade the mindset that all black people are not gun carrying thugs. They see violence day in day out between mostly black citizens and its hard not to let your human instinct of self preservation kick in and pull your weapon when you feel threatened. This is why a lot of the shootings were committed by black and latino officers, as well as white officers. Its not so much a racial thing as it is a natural human reaction. This will only get better with training and not with riots that open racial divides more than they already are.

Now back to how the media loves to cover these stories. They love to sensationalize these things because HEY ITS GOOD RATINGS PEOPLE. Now, add to this pictures of majority black rioters and looters burning american flags and you have a recipe for disaster. And the news media LOVES this because it creates more news. Every lower and lower-middle class white person watching the tube at home all of a sudden feels threatened. They ask themselves “what can I do to stop this”, or “I had nothing to do with these shootings but now I feel like every black person in america hates me and wants to kill me! Hey wait I can vote!”, and vote they did. I know this seems like a stretch people but believe me, a lot of white people actually felt and still feel this way. So in comes Donald Trump, a candidate that says hes gonna make us great again, who also has a very vocal opinion on black lives matters and ideals that pretty much fall in line with a huge percentage of our population. People were tired of feeling guilty for something they felt they had no hand in. Tired of seeing there national flag defiled in that way. I think the only other time people felt as nationalized against something was the day after 9/11. Hey here’s an idea, instead of separating yourself from america by burning the flag, why don’t you protest by waving the american flag and showing every one that you ARE an american and you deserve the same rights as everyone else……just an idea.

I don’t think people realize how much we segregate ourselves with all of these movements and groups that are there to supposedly fight against racism. The rational is the same as dropping bombs on countries we want to help. A bomb kills a bunch of people that have nothing to do with whats going on and now, “Voila”, a whole new bunch of people that hate us and will probably become terrorist. Same thing goes for racially motivated groups. The people that aren’t racist see it in the broad since that here is a group made up of mostly black people that don’t like white people. I know that sounds a little ignorant but put it in the perspective of someone who doesn’t live in a big city and is watching the evening news. They see black lives matter, and in the next shot they see a group of black citizens burning american flags, torching stores and brutalizing a white journalist. What do you think that person is thinking at that point?

Sorry for that, now back to the point. So media has got america riled up and fired up….. now bring in the candidates. What? there are only 2 to choose from? What is this crap???? Oh yeah, the media also controls the presidential debates! Unless you have a superpac spewing millions of dollars your way or are an independantly wealthy billionaire, you have a iceberg’s chance in hell of ever becoming a president in this country. Research¬†for yourselves, unless you are invited to these debates…..YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE A PRESIDENT! Its just simple common sense. Most of us only have a very small chance of noticing someone running for office unless they are on these debates. We need more choices, free elections are NOT free when we are told we have to pick between 2 people that our politicians chose for us!

Soooooooo hopefully by now you see my point in how the media got our newly elected president in office and everyone can now turn there anger towards them instead of each other. Hey, “it sounds like your saying the media created racism too”. I know right….lol