Hi folks! I’m Gary and I hail from a somewhat small town in east Tennessee. I was raised just outside of D.C. in a suburb in Maryland. Growing up in that area gave me a sense of what life was like in the real world. I say that because living in the country you can get lost from reality since you are somewhat cut off from the things that affect big metropolitan areas. The whole “if a tree falls in the forest” thing. Ignorance is a strong word but the right word to define what happens when your oblivious to the goings on in other parts of your world. Having also been in the U.S. Navy for four years, I have seen a good part of this world and how its inhabitants look and act toward one another which is part of what motivates this blog.
I have never been a political person in my life whatsoever. I believed, like most people, that if everything is ok in my life that it must be ok in general. As this presidential election approached I saw a huge divide opening in America. I saw the way that media was playing a part in this and how the “News” had just become a ratings game. I know, nothing new, but it took on a much more insidious purpose in months leading up to the elections. I’m in know way a conspiracy theorist but seeing this, I felt a new yearning in my soul to chime in where I normally would not and let my feelings be known. Not only because I want to see if my feelings were valid but also to get some things off my chest that have been shoved way down deep inside me for a long time.